Monday, May 16, 2011

Brian Leiter Caves in to Pressure from the Continental Lobby: Metaphysicians Should Boycott Leiter Report :-)

For the interpretationally challenged, the title of this post is a joke (hence the smiley). For those who haven't followed the Synthese affair, the title paraphrases the one of this other post. In any case, readers of this blog may want to spoil the fun by voting en masse here for 'Should be mandatory' and and for 'Every department should have the subject as its central focus'. (Since this is not supposed to be a serious poll, I would even think you could vote multiple times from multiple locations if you are so inclined and have a lot of time in your hands)

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  1. comment for Rasmussen. this is metacrock. you recently let a comment on my blog. somehow it didn't post. I di reply to it anyway. I really want to hear your answer. please respond.

    btw are you related to the guy who did the study on Nuclear power plants?